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The UC Berkeley Social Networks Study, or “UCNets” seeks to improve our understanding about our social lives, how we spend time with family, friends, and others.  Research shows that people’s social connections affect their health and happiness.  So, learning more about people’s relationships is an important task for health researchers.

In this panel study of social ties, it will be possible to see how a person’s connections change as a result of life changes, such as marriage or divorce, moving, retiring, illness, and other events.  Because people’s personal networks shape physical and emotional well-being, understanding how and why networks change will have important health implications, especially as Americans encounter changing families, new lifestyles, and economic challenges.

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Need help?  Just call the toll-free number 877-932-0614. Thank you for your participation!


With thanks to you, our UCNets participants, we have begun to examine the results of Wave 1 of this study. The second wave begins in October 2016. We will begin by contacting the first respondents, then move toward those that completed the survey toward the end of the first data collection period. We hope to wrap up in March, 2017.

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When will the results be available?
We expect to have all three waves of the data available in 2018.

Will the data be available online?
We expect that we will have all three waves of the data available in 2018 for download.
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