For Participants

Congratulations on being a participant in UCNets. We think you will find the interviews to be interesting, and will allow you to think about the people you know in expansive ways, adding both insight and appreciation.

Because your privacy is of utmost importance to us, we are providing here the ‘Informed Consent’ documents which outline our commitment to you, and your rights as a study participant.

1. Informed Consent for the screener survey (to see if you qualify for the survey)

2. Informed Consent for the main survey:

If you wish to let us know about a change in address, have a question, or some other inquiry, call the toll-free number 877-932-0614, or write to us at

  • There will be 3 waves of interviewing. The first was completed in early 2016, and the second in spring 2017. The third wave will commence in spring 2018.
  • We will be interviewing two age groups: people who were, in 2016, aged 21-30, and people aged 50-70.
  • In the first wave, most people completed the survey with a face-to-face interview in the comfort of their own home, or other place of their choosing, and a smaller group of people received web surveys.  In the second wave a smaller proportion completed it as a face-to-face interview, and in the third wave more people will do a web survey than an in-person interview.
  • Each interview takes about an hour.
  • You do not have to answer all questions, although the more you do, the better the quality of the data.
  • We seek people who are committed for the entire 3 waves, but if for some reason a participant cannot continue, they are certainly free to do so.
  • After completing each of the three surveys and/or interviews, you will receive a check as a way of our thanking you for your time.
  • We will do our best to keep in touch with you in between the waves and let you know about research reports that you can read. (And of course, none of your personal information will be shared or identifiable in any way!).
  • If you are part of the LGBT study, please visit the project webpage for additional information.