Below are published articles and articles, plus conferences presentations, resulting from the UCNets project. As the project develops, we will continue to post working papers that result from this study, reports for media and other interested parties, scholarly publications, and conference presentations.

  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

Child, S. and Lawton, L. (Forthcoming). Loneliness and social isolation among young and late middle-age adults: Associations of personal networks and social participation. Aging and Mental Health.

Offer, S. and Fischer, CS . (Forthcoming). Difficult People: Who is Perceived to be Demanding in Personal Networks and Why Are They There? American Sociological Review.

  • Books and Book Chapters

Offer, S. and Fischer, CS “Calling on Kin: The Place of Parents and Adult Children in Egocentric Networks.” In D. Alwin, D. H. Felmlee, and D. A. Kreager (eds.), Social Networks and the Life Course. Springer, in press.

  • Conference Presentations

Claude Fischer: With Stephanie Child and Keun Bok Lee. “How People Stay in Touch: Correlates of Communication Modes,” Presented to Ego Networks in the Era of Network Science Conference, Radcliffe Institute, November, 2016

Claude Fischer and Stephanie Child “Personality and Contexts in Tie Formation,” Presented to the Meetings of the American Sociological Association, Seattle, August 20, 2016.

Child, S. “Differences in Ego-Network Characteristics Following Recent Health Shocks.” Presented at the American Public Health Association 145th Annual Conference, November 4-8, 2017, Atlanta, GA.

McKay, Tara. “Social Networks and Health among Older LGBT Adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Presented at the Population Association of America, Chicago, IL, 2017.

Keun Bok Lee. “Multiplexity of personal networks and well-being.” Accepted for oral presentation at the Sunbelt conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis in Beijing, May 30-June 4, 2017.

Keun Bok Lee. “Who gets advice on weight loss from physicians? Network effects on receiving advice on weight loss.” Presented at the Sunbelt conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis in Beijing, May 30-June 4, 2017.

Lawton, Leora, Lindsay Bayham, Haleigh Cummings and Ashley Sandoval. “Lessons from Audiofiles: Verification and Mixed Methods Analysis.” Annual Meeting of the Pacific Association of Public Opinion Research, San Francisco, CA, 2016.

Lawton, Leora and Wilson Willis.  “Comparing Facebook and Address-Based Sampling to Recruit Young Adults” Submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Public Opinion Research, Denver CO, May 2018.


Last updated: December 7, 2017